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Hotel Elguea Cuba

Elguea with its friendly, pleasant climate is an excellent place to combine vacation time with mind and body cleansing for an improved quality of life. Elgueas vital treasure is undoubtedly its mineral-medicinal thermal waters, which are a famous source of health benefits. These are hyper-mineralized waters containing chlorine, sodium, bromine and trace amounts of radon and sulfides. Average water temperatures are 45 degrees Celsius with an excellent year-round flow of 25 liters per second. The Elguea Thermal Baths Center is considered one of the largest in Latin America.

Hotel Islazul Elguea Cuba

The hotel of the same name is a modernly-equipped facility that covers an area of 1,300 square meters, allowing Elguea visitors to enjoy beauty treatments and improve their quality of life by bathing in mineral-medicinal waters and receiving mud therapy. The hotel also offers its clients day and night activities and tours to the provinces nearby northern island keys, characterized by pristine beaches and landscapes of incredible great beauty. Also available are tours of historic interest to the city of Santa Clara and visits to local sites of historic and social importance in the Santa Clara province.

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